Kevin Costner sues for Robin Hood profits

Do you remember the 1991 film, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves? Kevin Costner sure does, and according to Deadline he has filed a law suit accusing Morgan Creek Productions of cheating him out of a contracted profit share.

In the suit, Costner alleges that Morgan Creek Productions concealed true profit receipts on the movie in order to avoid paying him his fair share of the $390 million it generated. The lawsuit is remarkably forthright in its allegations accusing Morgan Creek Productions of straight-up fraud and demanding this be taken to jury trial.

I’m sure there is an “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” joke in here somewhere but we’ll leave that up to Bryan Adams to take care of.

Discuss: Should Costner take from the Creek to give to… himself?

2 Responses to “Kevin Costner sues for Robin Hood profits”

  1. Kevin Costner WAS that movie – remember it came out much the same time as some totally forgettable English one, but Kevy was in his heyday at the time and he is certainly the one responsible for the mega dollars, so go Kev.

  2. I think he is acting like a little child. That movie is long gone.

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