Battle Royale set to become TV series

Fans of Kinji Fukasaku‘s cult favourite Battle Royale were incensed when it was revealed a Young Adult author had loosely adopted its premise for some book called The Hunger GamesNow they’re going to be seriously upset.

According to the L.A. Times, the CW – home of Gossip Girl – is in talks with the film’s Hollywood representatives about turning it into an English-language TV show.

The original movie concerned children forced to kill one another on an isolated island, as a means of stemming over-population in dystopian Japan and also as a strategy to end rebellion by young revolutionaries.

There have been numerous attempts to remake the film in America, all to no avail.

Discuss: Could it work?

One Response to “Battle Royale set to become TV series”

  1. Hey America, get some new ideas of your own.

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