Emma Stone starring in new Cameron Crowe film

Emma Stone will star in Cameron Crowe’s new film for Sony Pictures, Deadline reports.

The bubbly star of The Amazing Spider-Man and The Help will lead the as yet untitled picture, a love story written and directed by Crowe (We Bought a Zoo), with Scott Rudin producing. With zero plot points revealed it’s only been described as reminiscent of Crowe’s past films Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire.

The rumour mill suggests it could be a reworking of a previous unproduced Crowe project, Deep Tiki, which sat on his to-do list after the 2005 flop Elizabethtown with Kristen Dunst. Deep Tiki was set in Hawaii with Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon attached to star.

The movie will mark the first collaboration between Stone and Crowe, though it seems like a perfect fit of actor and director to us, with Crowe renowned for bringing out terrific performances from his female leads.

Discuss: Which male lead would you like to see opposite Stone?

One Response to “Emma Stone starring in new Cameron Crowe film”

  1. What about Channing Tutam or Orlando Bloom? Or Kellan Lutz or Jackson Rathbone?

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