Bad Santa 2 gets a director

According to Deadline, Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink is in talks to helm a sequel to the 2003 nasty classic, Bad Santa.

Terry Zwigoff‘s original film has only gotten better as the years have passed and Billy Bob Thornton‘s central role is the definitive ‘drunk Santa’ (Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places rates high also). Although Thornton is expected to reprise his role in this sequel, none of the previous film’s creative talent are returning. I’m not exactly a fan of Pink’s Hot Tub Time Machine and even if you are fond of that film you can agree that it’s not quite tonally in tune with Bad Santa.

Here’s hoping this sequel doesn’t turn out to be a pale imitation of the original since we all could do with more drunken, Billy Bob as Santa, action in our lives.

Discuss: What’s your favourite ‘Bad Santa’ moment from any film?

One Response to “Bad Santa 2 gets a director”

  1. I haven’t actually seen Bad Santa, but I did love Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places, it was so funny and disgusting all at the same time, using the Santa suit as the disguise at the party, wandering around drunk and I’ll never forget seeing him shoving the WHOLE FISH from the party table under his Santa beard to eat later, because he was so hungry from being cast out onto the street,away from his rich lifestyle!!! Unfortunately I had a ‘bad Santa’ experience once, his clothes were raggedy and his lolly bag appeared kind of shabby and the experience was a bit YUCK – but that is another story!!

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