Trailer Debut: This Is 40

A feature trailer for This Is 40 – Judd Apatow‘s self-proclaimed “sort-of sequel to Knocked Up” – has debuted, introducing us to the world around disgruntled married couple Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann).

Though Debbie’s sister Alison (Katherine Heigl) and her partner Ben (Seth Rogen) are nowhere to be found, we do get to see Apatow regulars like Jason Segel, Melissa McCarthy, and Chris O’Dowd, along with John Lithgow, Albert Brooks, Megan Fox. Also returning: Apatow and Mann’s very own spawn, Maude and Iris, as Pete and Debbie’s precocious kiddies.

It’s funny!

We can’t wait to see Apatow’s latest effort, though we’ll have to wait until February 14, 2013.

Discuss: Could This Is 40‘s drug-taking sequence ever top the ‘shrooms in Vegas’ scene from Knocked Up?

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