The Office is coming to an end

Greg Daniels, the man responsible for adapting The Office for American screens, has announced that the upcoming ninth season of the hit NBC show will be its last.

EW has his official statement:

“This year feels like the last chance to really go out together and make an artistic ending for the show that pays off a lot of the stuff that matters most to fans…There are a lot of things that I’ve personally been wanting to do since season two … All questions will be answered this year. We’re going to see who’s behind the documentary … Now that we know we have an end date we can blow things up and take some chances and it will be very freeing, creatively.”

Ratings for the show have dipped since the departure of star Steve Carell at the end of the seventh season (and, so too has the quality). An attempt to restructure the program as an ensemble and the introduction of James Spader as an oddball CEO proved disastrous.

With current show-runner Paul Lieberstein exiting to focus on Rainn Wilson‘s Dwight spin-off The Farm, Mindy Kaling getting her own show on Fox, and current star Ed Helms breaking into movies in a big way, an announcement of this kind has seemed inevitable.

Discuss: Or is it too soon?

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