Trailer Debut: A Late Quartet

The trailer for A Late Quartet sees Christopher Waken, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Catherine Keener flex their classical musical muscles.

Marking director Yaron Zilberman’s second feature film, after 2004’s Watermarks, A Late Quartet follows the members of a world-renowned string quartet as their future playing together is threatened.

When cellist Peter (Walken) is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he plans his farewell to coincide with the quartet’s 25th anniversary concert. Married violinists Robert (Hoffman) and Juliette (Keener) face their own problems. Robert vies to share solos with the other group’s member Daniel (Mark Ivanir) but when Juliette sides with Daniel, further stress is placed on hers and Robert’s marriage. To make matters worse, their daughter Alexandra (Imogen Poots) becomes involved romantically with Daniel, who also acts as her teacher.

While it looks to be a quiet film, early reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival heap praise on the performances, Walken’s in particular.

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