The top 10 film scores

The top 10 film scores. By Simon Miraudo.

Beasts of the Southern Wild features one of the year’s best  – and, this is important, most hummable – musical scores, co-composed by director Benh Zeitlin and Dan Romer. Aural accompaniment can greatly enhance one’s experience of watching a film (or perhaps distract to its detriment), and the score to Beasts may prove divisive, so omnipresent are its New Orleans horns and triumphant strings throughout proceedings. Not for us though. We love it!

In honour of its inevitable (fingers crossed) Best Original Score nomination at the 2013 Oscars, we’re sharing our favourite film scores of all time. (Note: we’ve limited one entry per composer, lest the iconic works of Williams, Morricone, and Herrmann alone swamp this thing.)

Follow the link to read the Top 10.

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