Trailer Debut: Smashed

Check out the trailer for Smashed featuring Aaron Paul in his big, post-Breaking Bad role.

Building a head of huge buzz at Sundance earlier this year, Smashed tells the story of a young married couple whose drinking and partying have gotten out of hand. They decide to go sober but the change isn’t as easy as they hoped.

Playing Paul’s wife is Mary Elizabeth Winstead who charmed us recently as Ramona in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Reports from Sundance say this may be Winstead’s big dramatic breakout but personally I’m just there for Paul. He has been brilliant in Breaking Bad but it’s always a challenge to step past such definitive roles.

As long as he downs a beer and says ‘Bitch’ at least once I’ll be happy.

Discuss: Jesse Pinkman and Ramona Flowers get sober? Sound like fun?

One Response to “Trailer Debut: Smashed”

  1. No word on an Aussie release date, I’m guessing?

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