47 Ronin director kicked out of editing process after budget blowout

It seems Universal has booted director Carl Rinsch out of the editing process after the oft-delayed 3D mega production 47 Ronin blew its budget.

According the The Wrap‘s sources, the budget has ballooned to $225 million, and after recent reshoots in London, Universal co-chairwoman Donna Langley will now take over the reins in the edit room.

47 Ronin stars Keanu Reeves amongst a mostly Japanese cast in a fantasy styled 18th century featuring giants and supernatural creatures. The story follows a group of samurai who seek vengeance after their master is unceremoniously murdered.

While Universal must’ve had amazing faith in first-time director Carl Rinsch (he cut his teeth making stylish commercials) to give him such a big budget for his debut feature, it’s safe to say this production has gotten way out of hand.

With a release date now pushed back to December 2013, this is one film that Universal will be regretting ever green-lighting. After the flop that was Battleship earlier this year they are certainly in need of some good news.

Discuss: Did you even want to see a 3D, multi-million dollar samurai epic starring Keanu Reeves in the first place?

One Response to “47 Ronin director kicked out of editing process after budget blowout”

  1. 225 Million? Good luck earning that back, according to IMDB only 90 Films have made over 225million in box office so it’s pretty much a guarantee that it’s not going to get it’s budget back. seriously rookie filmmaker mistake to spend hundreds of million on his first major film!

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