Poster Debut: Pain & Gain

Michael Bay‘s upcoming action-comedy Pain & Gain gets a poster and the fascination continues regarding this mysterious ‘low-budget’ effort from the grand auteur of chaos cinema.

For years Bay has spoken of returning to his roots to make a small film and it seems the reality of this bizarre project is getting closer and closer. Pain & Gain stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson as two body-builders who get tangled up in a blackmail scheme. The film’s production clocked in at a tidy $22 million, making it the cheapest movie Michael Bay has made since his debut with Bad Boys.

Does Bay even remember how to make a film without 200 jet planes and giant robots destroying cities? We’re not entirely sure but we’ll all find out sometime in early 2013 when Pain & Gain hits our screens.

Discuss: Do you have high hopes?

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