Bait 3D sequel in the works

Supermarket-shark thriller Bait looks set to spawn a sequel following its international success, Twitch reports.

There was little hope for this genre film that premiered like a fish out of water at the Venice Film Festival but director Kimble Rendall and screenwriters John Kim and Russell Mulcahy will have the last laugh.

The film made $2 million at the box office in Italy alone, compared to its native Australian season which brought in $775,000. Surprisingly, the film opens later this week in China on an impressive 2,000 screens.

There’s no word on just what natural disaster and marine animal will meet in the sequel, with the original film’s plot of a tsunami trapping shoppers in a supermarket as a Great White shark picks them off one by one offering plenty of follow up options.

Arclight Films will again be behind the sequel, with no early confirmation whether the same Bait creative team will return.

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