Armie Hammer could be the new Batman (again)

As exclusively reported in Moviehole, Armie Hammer may don Batman’s cape in an upcoming Justice League film.

Previously nabbing the role of Batman in George Miller’s Justice League Of America, a doomed production that fell apart literally days before shooting in 2007, Hammer apparently is up again for the role in another take on the same Justice League story.

Warner Studios are seemingly taking a page out of Marvel’s book and making a super-production that teams up all their superhero properties. Justice League will feature: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash. No confirmation on casting, director or any other details but apparently a script has been written by Will Beall and the studio is happy with it.

Beall is an up and coming writer who has had a hand in drafting the Logan’s Run remake (for Nicolas Winding Refn) and Lethal Weapon 5. He also penned the soon to be released, Gangster Squad.

There is no release date yet for Justice League.

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