Amy Adams attached to rival Janis Joplin biopic

If you are going to do something right, then you may as well do it twice. 

Living up to the classic Hollywood tradition of duelling projects Vulture recently announced a second Janis Joplin biopic may be moving ahead. Titled Janis Joplin: Get It While You Can, this project has Amy Adams attached to the titular role and potentially Lee Daniels (Precious) directing.

Daniels’ upcoming feature The Paperboy is mooted as a trashy masterpiece/disaster (depending on who you talk to) and he is following that up with a saccharine melodrama called The Butler following one man as he works through eight different presidential administrations in the Whitehouse.

The big hurdle for this Joplin film is that they may not have any music rights, as the previously announced, Sean Durkin-directed Janis has secured exclusive use to her most well-known tracks.

Am I the only one who is getting a 30 Rock, Janet Jopler vibe from this whole scenario?

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