Disney purchases Lucasfilm for $4 billion; new Star Wars trilogy launching in 2015

Well, we didn’t expect to wake up to this news.

George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm Ltd to Disney for an estimated $4.05 billion, giving the Mouse-House rights to both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchise.

According to Deadline, Disney won’t exactly sit on the properties. They’re already plotting a new Star Wars trilogy, with Episode 7 set to hit cinemas in 2015.

Lucas isn’t entirely walking away from the franchise, but will only serve as a creative consultant from this point forward. He revealed in a video entitled “The Future of Star Wars Movies” that he will be handing over the reins to executive producer Kathleen Kennedy.

“A new generation of filmmakers” will now be tasked with bringing more Star Wars movies to the screen. Disney hopes to have a new instalment hit cinemas every two years beginning in 2015.

Disney has previously purchased big ticket items like Pixar, Marvel, and The Muppets. Some outlets have questioned the timing of the announcement, with the Stock Exchange having been closed due to Hurricane Sandy.

So, Star Wars Episode 7 arrives in 2015.

2 Responses to “Disney purchases Lucasfilm for $4 billion; new Star Wars trilogy launching in 2015”

  1. So he didn’t sell them the rights to Howard the Duck because Disney already has them via Marvel. 🙂 I’m imagining the Pixar Marvel Muppets Star Wars mash ups…

  2. Wait, I just realised; does this scupper Lucas’ plans for the 3D re-releases of the Star Wars films? I endured Phantom Menace in 3D only so that one day I could see Empire Strikes Back in 3D. Don’t tell me it was all for nothing.

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