Trailer Debut: A Young Doctor’s Notebook

The first trailer for A Young Doctor’s Notebook sees Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe sharing a character, a bath, and a very lucky loofah.

The four-part black comedy miniseries is being produced for Sky Arts in Britain and sees Radcliffe (Harry Potter) playing a young doctor in pre-revolutionary Russia guided by his middle-aged self, Mad Men star Hamm, who is riddled with self doubt.

The series is based on A Country Doctor’s Notebook, a semi-autobiographical short story collection by Mikhail Bulgakov, in which the young doctor arrives in a rural, old-fashioned village where his age and methods prove controversial.

Much doubt was cast about the believability of Radcliffe and Hamm being able to portray the same character, with their height difference being the most obvious reason. The new trailer also adds Hamm’s shaky British accent into the mix.

Nevertheless, one can’t deny the brilliance of seeing these two on-screen together, even if Radcliffe does steal the trailer.

The series should arrive on our shores in 2013.

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