Trailer Debut: Admission

Tina Fey and Paul Rudd co-star for the first time in Admission, with the first trailer for the dramatic comedy released online.

In the Paul Weitz (About a Boy, Little Fockers) directed film, Fey plays Princeton University admissions officer Portia Nathan who visits an alternative high school at the request of a former college classmate, John Pressman (Rudd).

He believes that his gifted student Jeremiah (Nat Wolff) might be Portia’s son, a child she gave up for adoption. What started as a routine day on the job for Portia soon uncovers some deeply buried secrets that see her risk everything she has worked for and potentially gain what she has been missing.

While Rudd and Fey both have the comedic ability to induce laughter from a simple expression, Admission appears to test their dramatic skills at the same time, with both appearing to succeed. The trailer gives an About a Boy vibe and the prospect of these two together is delightful and exciting.

Admission hits cinemas in 2013.

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