Sight and Sound reveal their picks for the Top 11 Films of 2012

Top Ten season has begun and UK magazine Sight And Sound recently announced their 2012 poll results which surveys over 90 critics, film programmers and academics.

The Master

The list in an interesting one, balancing predictable top ten fare with some genuine dark horse appearances. The Master, unsurprisingly, takes top spot, and appearances by Amour, Holy Motors, Beasts Of The Southern Wild, and Moonrise Kingdom were all expected.

But, sitting at number two is the fascinating, black and white, silent Portuguese film, Tabu which garnered many admirers (and an equal amount of detractors) at its Melbourne and Sydney Film Festival screenings earlier this year.

Probably an even bigger surprise is Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio sneaking in at fifth spot. This small little British thriller tells the story of a sound editor in the 1970s who travels to Rome to work on an Italian horror picture. It’s a bizarre little picture that –  whilst I wasn’t too enamoured of – garnered an avid cult of fans at its festival screenings.

1. The Master
2. Tabu
3. Amour
4. Holy Motors
=5. Beasts of the Southern Wild
=5. Berberian Sound Studio
7. Moonrise Kingdom
=8. Beyond the Hills
=8. Cosmopolis
=8. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
=8. This Is Not a Film

Overall, this is a good indication of the films you will see appear on many lists over the coming month. It’s been a pretty good year for cinema, don’t you think?

One Response to “Sight and Sound reveal their picks for the Top 11 Films of 2012”

  1. to me this is a list of navel-gazing empty pretentious movies that the average movie goer wouldnt watch if paid… how out of touch are these critics?
    I despised beasts with a passion – ugly, chaotic, nonsensical offensive rubbish full of animal cruelty..
    but moonrise kingdom is a bright spot and enjoyable for all…:-)

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