Trailer Debut: Oblivion

It’s a sci-fi film set on a post-apocalyptic Earth … again! The first trailer for director Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion has appeared online with star Tom Cruise cleaning up the mess from an alien attack 60 years ago.


It’s unclear what the attack exactly involved, but after the humans won the war, Earth was all but destroyed, so they were shipped off the planet. Jack Harper (Cruise) returns to what he believes to be an abandoned Earth and is finishing up the last of his drone repair duties before he is set to hightail it also. His plan is interrupted when he’s captured by a Matrix-esque looking Morgan Freeman, the leader of a rogue group of humans who have remained on Earth. He warns Jack, “Don’t ask too many questions.”

Soon Jack discovers pods containing humans, including a woman (Olga Kurylenko) who stirs confusing memories for him. It’s another piece of the puzzle that Jack must unscramble.

While Oblivion looks to stay within the sci-fi boundaries for use of cheesy lines and slick CGI, the premise is interesting and the film looks promising.

It opens April 2013.

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