The (Pod) Casting Couch – Jack Reacher and Feature Four Movies with Names in the Title

Looking for a new film podcast to whisper sweet cinematic nothings in your ear? Sure, there are plenty out there to choose from, but only one features Quickflix critics Simon Miraudo and Andrew Williams, as well as reviewers Shannon Harvey and Steph Lee. That’d be The (Pod) Casting Couch, where each week the latest releases are analysed within an inch of their life, outrageous digressions are indulged, flights of fancy are flown, and Gran Torino almost always ends up the butt of someone’s joke.

Jack Reacher

This week, the gang wonders “What’s in a name?” and reviews Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie’s Jack Reacher, as well as share their Feature Four Movies with Names in the Title.

Listen here!

Also recommended for newcomers: an unexpected debate over The Hobbita divisive examination of Margaretand a special ep in which Simon and Andrew share their Top 20 TV Shows of 2012.

Subscribe now as the Couch kicks off their third year and nears their hundredth episode.

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