Trailer Debut: Evil Dead

Over the Christmas break, we were treated to a glut of excellent teasers. One threatened to raise the turkey from our belly and back past our lips: the gut-churning Red Band trailer for Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake.

Evil Dead

Produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell (the director and star of the original, respectively), this new take seems to follow the same basic plot of the 1981 cult classic. A bunch of teens head to a cabin in the woods, unwittingly unearth a mysterious evil by reading from the Necronomicon, and are subsequently possessed, tortured, sexually abused by trees et cetera.

As for this clip… oh boy. Some may cry “overkill” (and that would certainly be a fitting description) but it’s hard not to find its overwhelming gore and seemingly unending bouts of bloodletting somewhat endearing. Hey, at least they’re trying!

Seriously, kids, look away. Adults only.


Evil Dead, which the posters proclaim “the most terrifying film you will ever experience,” hits cinemas in May.

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