Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins Sin City sequel

Continuing his extraordinary run up into super stardom, Joseph Gordon-Levitt just signed on to take a role in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, the long-discussed sequel to the iconoclastic 2005 film.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

According to Deadline, JGL (which is how I’m told the kids refer to Levitt these days) will play Johnny, described as “a cocky gambler who disguises a darker mission to destroy his most foul enemy at his best game.”

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller have spoken of the sequel for over six years, so one would be forgiven for thinking it would never happen. But fear not dear reader, for it literally is in production as we speak. With any luck they can capture the energy of the first flick and make us forget Miller’s ill-advised, borderline unwatchable, solo-jaunt from 2008, The Spirit.

Comprised of stories set both before and after the original Sin City, the sequel brings together almost all of the original cast.

The film should open sometime late in 2013.

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