Trailer Debut: Mud

Matthew McConaughey’s winning streak looks set to continue into 2013. We’ve even dropped the derogatory nickname McConaugheyhey. He’s earned it!


In the trailer for Jeff Nichols’ Mud  (which, admittedly, debuted at Cannes last year), he plays a mysterious drifter on the run from the law.

Mud also stars Michael Shannon – from Nichols’ previous flicks, Take Shelter and Shotgun Stories – as well as Reese Witherspoon, Sam Shepard, and Tye Sheridan.

The trailer indicates a movie at least as interesting as his more recent independent endeavours: Bernie, Magic Mike, and Killer Joe. He does, however, seem to be shirtless a lot of the time. Old habits die hard.

If this can match the intensity of Take Shelter, that would be – to quote McConaughey’s character – “a hell of a thing.”

Mud does not yet have a local release date. We’re also yet to see his turn in Lee Daniels’ nutso Paperboy. This just won’t do.

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