Guerilla shoot in Disney World leads to Sundance sensation

The most talked about film of Sundance has arrived: a bizarre black and white nightmare shot on location at Disney theme parks without permission.


Randy Moore’s Escape From Tomorrow has been making international headlines after its world premiere the other night.

It follows a father who begins to slowly lose his mind during a trip to Disney World with his wife and two daughters. Alternating Disney iconography with dark, Lynchian horrors, the movie is reportedly one of the most fascinating indies to come out of Sundance in years.

Moore confided to the LA Times that he and his actors shot the film over 25 days inside these theme parks – pretending to be tourists the entire time – before taking the film to South Korea to edit after he became afraid Disney would discover his project and shut him down.

Of course, Disney now know about the film and it’s unknown if it will ever be released.

It’s a landmine of trademark infringement and copyright horror just waiting for a brave distributor to take a gamble.

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