Marvel want Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler for Guardians of the Galaxy

At least, that’s what Latino Review‘s source is saying.

Guardians of the Galaxy

According to their report, Marvel is looking into the availability of Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler for their upcoming superhero team-up flick (that isn’t The Avengers 2), Guardians of the Galaxy.

Carrey and Sandler have had their fair share of successes and failures at the box office. Though they might not be as ‘hot’ today as they once were, their involvement in an action tentpole such as this would raise an eyebrow or two in Hollywood.

Before we get excited, it’s important to remember big name stars like Carrey and Sandler are offered every role under the sun. Hell, Marvel would cast Tom Hanks as Rocket Raccoon if he was available – and willing to work for scale.

It’s not surprising to learn that Marvel would put feelers out there for any guaranteed hit-makers. That they are targeting known comedy quantities is more intriguing, confirming that director James Gunn was indeed hired for his dark sense of humour.

Guardians of the Galaxy should be an interesting exercise. Just maybe don’t get your hopes up about Carrey or Sandler starring in it.

It hits cinemas in 2014. Carrey will next be seen in another superhero flick: Kick Ass 2.

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