Seth MacFarlane and Tina Fey both say “no way” to hosting the next Oscars

After a notably divisive turn at hosting the Oscars, Seth Macfarlane jumped on Twitter to announce he won’t be taking the job a second time.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

When asked by a fan, MacFarlane replied with an emphatic, “No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though.”

And for those holding out hope that Tina Fey could step up to the plate next year, we’re sorry to burst your bubble. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Fey ruled it out saying in no uncertain terms, “No way.” Hmm. Recurring theme.

MacFarlane’s performance as host has been criticised over the last few days by many as misogynistic and generally tasteless, which is pretty much how most would sum up his humour in the first place.

The irony of the whole scenario is that his big opening sketch about being “the worst Oscar host ever” seemed to generate exactly those same headlines.

In reality the more appropriate headline would be: “Shock, horror; Oscar host criticised for doing exactly the type of humour he was known for.”

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