David Lynch working on new feature film screenplay

In a long – and particularly fascinating – NY Times piece on David Lynch’s association with Transcendental Meditation, we finally got the long-awaited confirmation that he is working on a new feature film screenplay; his first in over 7 years.


Ever since his divisively experimental 2006 flick Inland Empire, we got the impression David Lynch was almost done with feature filmmaking.

In recent years it seems Lynch has been interested in everything but feature films, making short films, music videos, directing concerts, guesting on Louie, and even designing nightclubs and champagne bottles instead.

It seems he has finally been inspired by something else though and begun writing a feature script that a fellow transcendental meditation organisation member Bob Roth describes as being very much a ‘David Lynch’ picture that “people would probably recognize.”

Despite his recent work bordering on self-parody, one can’t help but be excited by the return of this singular voice in American cinema.

Whatever he comes up with, I’ll be first in line to see. But, let’s hope it’s less Inland Empire and more Mulholland Drive.

One Response to “David Lynch working on new feature film screenplay”

  1. Sorry, Richard – you’ll be second in line. : P

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