James Franco is angry at Australian censors for banning I Want Your Love

James Franco – in one hell of a T-shirt – has posted a video to YouTube in which he expresses his displeasure with Australian censors for essentially banning I Want Your Love.


The picture concerns two gay men who spend a final evening together in San Francisco before one moves to the American Midwest.

The Australian Classification Board prohibited the film from playing at festivals, specifically criticising a six-minute long unsimulated sex scene.

Though features do not need to be classified by the Board to play festivals, they require an exemption. In this case, the Board was unwilling to offer it.

Director Travis Mathews collaborated with Franco on Interior. Leather Bar, which attempted to recreate the lost – and explicit – ending of William Friedkin’s Cruising.

Franco makes a low-key, heart-felt, and well-reasoned argument for Mathews’ movie, suggesting that by censoring “sex… from films that want to explore it as human behaviour is very shortsighted and I think very hypocritical.”

You can watch it below.

Franco can currently be seen in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful.

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