The top 10 movie moments of all time


By Simon Miraudo
March 8, 2013

For the 100th episode of The (Pod) Casting Couch, I was asked to compile my ten favourite movie moments of all time. As someone who has devoted a lifetime to the pictures, that’s quite an ask. However, as an obsessive, list-making loser, it was also a dream come true. To make the cut, each moment had to meet some simple criteria. 1) It had to be a vignette that could proudly represent and encapsulate the feature it belonged to. 2) It had to come to my mind fairly quickly, as my ability to recall it was surely a valuable credential, and indicative of its lasting presence. Ultimately, I went with my gut, and you’ll find the selections below to be highly personal ones. That means: “Be nice, okay!” Because I’m indecisive, I humbly submit ten runners up too.

You can listen to the 100th episode of The (Pod) Casting Couch here.

Follow the link to read the Top 10.

Top 10s are featured exclusively on the Quickflix News & Gossip page, where you can also find reviews, interviews, Television Revisions, and Play It Agains!

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