The (Pod) Casting Couch – 100th Episode / The Top 10 Movie Moments of All Time

Looking for a film podcast to whisper sweet cinematic nothings in your ear? Only one features Quickflix critics Simon Miraudo and Andrew Williams, as well as reviewers Shannon Harvey, and Laura Hewison. That’d be The (Pod) Casting Couch, where each week the latest releases are analysed within an inch of their life, outrageous digressions are indulged, and flights of fancy are flown.

100TH EP

This week, we celebrate our 100th episode by sharing our Top 10 Movie Moments of All Time. We also hear from our honourary members, rank the Top 25 (and Bottom 10) movies we’ve ever reviewed, and farewell Laura once and for all.

Tune in!

(See Simon’s list of the Top 10 Movie Moments here.)

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One Response to “The (Pod) Casting Couch – 100th Episode / The Top 10 Movie Moments of All Time”

  1. No room for the pivotal moment in 2001: A Space Odyssey? The ape-man triumphantly flings a bone in the air, then we cut to a shuttle hanging in space. From one frame to the next, Kubrick sums up a few million years of history, which we see is just the working out of what happened that one afternoon in The Dawn of Man. Magnificent.

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