Iran suing Hollywood over Argo and similar “distorting” movies

Iran has recruited French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre to file suit against Hollywood for promoting “Iranophobia” in their movies.


Ben Affleck’s Best Picture winner Argo has been targeted in the suit, as well as 300, Not Without My Daughter, and The Wrestler.

According to The Guardian, Coutant-Peyre revealed details of her task at Tehran’s recent Hoax of Hollywood conference.

Speaking with The Guardian, journalist Omid Memarian suggests “the fact that Michelle Obama awarded [Argo]’s Oscar has intrigued and magnified their suspicions about the involvement of politicians in making such movies.”

It was revealed in January that Iran was mounting a remake of Argo, telling the events from their perspective.

The picture is titled The General Staff, and will be directed by Ataollah Salmanian.

Coutant-Peyre is married to – and also represents – infamous terrorist Carlos the Jackal.

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