The internet has paid for a Veronica Mars movie; will debut in 2014

Veronica Mars will be resurrected as a feature film, thanks to the efforts of fans who have dutifully pledged more than $2 million for its production on Kickstarter.

Veronica Mars

Star Kristen Bell and show creator Rob Thomas announced on March 13 that Warner Bros – who hold the rights to VM –  would be willing to distribute their movie should they generate enough fan interest (and cash) by April 12.

Within 12 hours of launching a Kickstarter, they hit their goal of $2 million.

There are still 29 days to go, allowing fans to pledge more money and receive tokens such as shooting scripts, DVD sets, walk-on parts, and personal messages from the stars.

Further donations will no doubt help cover Kickstarter’s massive fees and taxes.

The project has raised some ire over the internet (particularly on the echo chamber that is Twitter) by those concerned with a studio relying on fans to fund their films.

It does herald an interesting new age in which artists can directly engage with their audience and produce entertainment catered to their tastes.

This would surely be the first instance of such an endeavour being distributed by a major studio.

At the very least, it means Thomas’ Party Down film is even more likely now.

As part of their deal, Warner Bros will likely distribute the film in cinemas on a limited number of screens, whilst simultaneously debuting it on VOD.

Veronica Mars – The Movie begins shooting mid 2013 for a early 2014 release.

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