Trailer Debut: Scary Movie 5

And the award for Worst Trailer of the Year goes to … Scary Movie 5. And it’s only March!


It’s safe to say this flick will also take out the award for Worst Film of the Year and possible crimes against humanity, but for now let’s look at what this “comedy” has in store for us.

Featuring an all-star cast of D-list actors who really just want a pay cheque, it continues the Scary Movie tradition of spoofing horror films.

It also has Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen sharing a bed, Ashley Tisdale opening a closet to expose a woman on the toilet, and Snoop Dogg/Lion getting kicked in the nether regions. There’s even a Honey Boo Boo reference included to make sure the film is really dated six months from its release.

One doesn’t even need to watch this trailer with sound to realise how painful it is. Anna Faris had the clear sense to jump this franchise ship and hopefully audiences will steer clear also.

It hits cinemas, inevitably.

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