Trailer Debut: Alan Partridge is in Alpha Papa

The long-awaited Alan Partridge movie is getting closer and our first taste of the project is this goofy teaser.


It’s hard to tell how much of this trailer is actually pointing towards content in the film; all it comprises of is Alan and others discussing what the title should be.

They decide it will be called Alpha Papa. Whether this turns out to be the film’s actual title we have no idea, but a clue is the quick mention that the film follows the story of a siege at the radio station Alan works at.

Alpha Papa would be the Greek alphabet radio call sign of Alan Partridge, so I can see some semblance of truth to the title.

Steve Coogan’s iconic character has had a tumultuous career, recently appearing on a series entitled Mid-Morning Matters, chronicling his time at an internet radio station.

Alpha Papa (?), directed by Declan Lowney, arrives in cinemas this August.

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