Martin Scorsese announces Gangs of New York TV series

Edgy cable TV shows seem to be the place to be at the moment, with big name filmmakers like David Fincher and Gus Van Sant all taking their turns on the small screen.

GangsofNewYorkNow it’s Martin Scorsese’s go. After dabbling with some early episodes of Boardwalk Empire, he is going all in, recently releasing a statement announcing his development of a series based on his film Gangs Of New York.

The deal sets him up with Miramax to produce, though there is no network attached at this stage.

In the statement Scorsese says, “This time and era of America’s history and heritage is rich with characters and stories that we could not fully explore in a two hour film.”

It’s an interesting proposition with plenty of dramatic potential, but we’ll hold our anticipation until a showrunner is attached.

It will be a challenge for the show to stand apart from Boardwalk Empire, which, after three seasons, has really locked down the period gangster genre.

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