Jason Dohring joins Veronica Mars movie

Jason Dohring is confirmed to reprise his role as Logan Echolls in the Veronica Mars movie, Deadline reports.

Logan Echolls

Given how the film came about, via a much-publicised Kickstarter campaign, one would have assumed all of the actors from the original series were officially onboard from the start.

Now that the film is a reality, having raised well over the initial $2 million goal, we can presume the official signing on and casting will trickle in as contracts are negotiated.

Series creator Rob Thomas confirmed, “We now have three actors officially cast: Veronica [Kristen Bell], Logan, and the waiter who says ‘Your cheque, sir’.” He assured the 60-odd thousand Kickstarter backers now on his email list, “We’re busily working on bringing your favourites into the fold”.

As the Kickstarter campaign draws to a close, Thomas is aiming to begin filming in the coming months for a 2014 release with Warner Bros. Digital.

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