Talk Hard – Ben Lewin (The Sessions)

Ben Lewin, writer and director of Oscar nominee The Sessions, talks to Simon Miraudo about full frontal nudity, being a ladies’ man, and finally getting a big break in Hollywood (even at the age of 66). Simon wraps up the ep with a review of the much-loved Sundance Audience Award winner.

Ben Lewin

Show Notes:

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2 Responses to “Talk Hard – Ben Lewin (The Sessions)”

  1. Actually, I enjoyed this podcast a lot.
    The host’s accent is quite charming and the podcast is organized and fun. Also, it is a high quality podcast with clear show notes.
    At first, Simon shared a brief introduction with audience and then shared the preview of The Session. At last, it comes the interview.
    As Simon wrote in the show notes, Ben Lewin is a writer and director of Oscar nominee The Session, and he has some sharp insights on interesting topics, including full front nudity, being a ladies’ man, and finally getting a break in Hollywood.
    Simon interprets the movie The Session with interview questions, and provides a brand new and exciting way to understand the story. I both understand Ben Lewin and The Session more by listening to this podcast.
    However, the podcast is a little bit too long. After all, it is quite appealing and enjoyable.
    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the kind words Catherine! If you feel compelled to share your thoughts on iTunes, please do 😉 Cheers for listening.

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