Trailer Debut: The Butler

Lee Daniels is a strange filmmaker, and, from the looks of this recently released trailer, the strangest thing about his latest film, The Butler, is how conventional it appears.


Forest Whitaker stars as Eugene Allen in this true story of one man who served as a butler in the White House to eight separate presidents over 30 years.

The trailer has a feel-good ‘Forrest Gump’ vibe about it, as we see glimpses of famous actors playing presidential dress-ups; from John Cusack as Richard Nixon to Robin Williams as Eisenhower, and even James Marsden as JFK. Oprah Winfrey also stars in her first acting role in over 15 years.

After Daniels shocked us all with his bizarrely gonzo and campy recent effort The Paperboy, it seems he is stepping it back about a thousand notches for this big time Hollywood drama.

It could either be an elegant and austere Oscar-bait film, or a hammy slice of stinky cheese. After watching this trailer I’m on the fence.

It does not yet have a local release date.

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