Teaser Debut: Gravity

Ladies and gentleman, that recurring nightmare you’ve been having has been brought to life by Alfonso Cuarón!


The teaser for his long-awaited Gravity has arrived online, and it’s about as claustrophobic and stressful as promotional materials get.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star as astronauts who are stranded in space following a technical malfunction.

According to reports, this is basically a one-woman show, with Bullock spending much of the feature in complete isolation.

Nonetheless, the teaser footage shows off some of the more action-packed moments. And boy oh boy, is this going to be a tough watch.

We are, of course, incredibly excited. It hits cinemas in October.

One Response to “Teaser Debut: Gravity”

  1. See, this is the kind of suspense a lot of modern blockbusters are missing. I literally got goosebumps from it.

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