Poster and Trailer Debut: About Time

The first trailer for About Time asks the question: if you had the ability to relive any moment in your life, would you do it?

About Time

Perhaps you’d answer ‘yes’ if you knew that writer director Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Notting Hill) was in control. Of course, you’d need to be like Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) and inherit the time travel gene from your father (Bill Nighy).

Upon learning of his new ability, Tim uses it to go back and do things “right,” like perfecting his opening line to new love Mary (Rachel McAdams) or making their first night together truly memorable. It’s not long before Tim realises he can’t time travel without consequence, and he must use his powers to create for himself his “extraordinary ordinary life.”

It’s not McAdams’ first time falling for a time traveller – previously it was for Eric Bana in The Time Traveller’s Wife – but About Time looks to be a more feel-good film with an exciting cast led by the charming Gleeson, and with Nighy who always delivers laughs.

It hits cinemas October 17.

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