Teaser Debut: Diana

The teaser trailer for Diana, starring Naomi Watts as Princess Di, has debuted online.


Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, the film focuses on the last two years of Diana’s life, before it was cut short by a 1997 car accident in Paris.

The wordless trailer reveals little, except that it will be fairly messianic portrait of the Princess of Wales, and that Naomi Watts will very likely be Oscar nominated for her part.

It opens in cinemas later this year.

One Response to “Teaser Debut: Diana”

  1. Well, I didn’t know Oliver Hirschbiegel is directing this, but I still can’t muster up any enthusiasm. Biopics are typically boring as hell and just not my thing. I don’t know anything about Princess Diana, either. But…dammit…Downfall was so awesome, so I might have to try watching this at some point.

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