Paranormal Activity 5 not coming this year; Latino spin-off dated January 2014

Things that go bump in the night - Paranormal Activity review

Last week it was reported that the fifth instalment of the Paranormal Activity franchise would not meet its annual Halloween deadline, instead hitting cinemas in January of 2014.

Individuals close to the production tell The Wrap that Paranormal Activity 5 is actually much further away from completion: it doesn’t even have a script.

Instead, it’s the Latino-targeted PA spin-off that has the January 2014 slot. (In the US at least; whether we’ll see it on our shores is another question.)

The untitled sort-of-sequel “exists in a paranormal universe” to the Paranormal films we know and love, similar to the Tokyo Nights instalment that came between movies one and two.

So, we won’t see an official fifth Paranormal Activity until October 2014 it seems.

Fear not, fans: though the box office returns have diminished over the years, these movies are still reaping hundreds of millions of dollars from miniscule budgets.

These things will just keep on coming.

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