Superman will face off against Batman in Man of Steel sequel


The biggest news from Comic-Con came courtesy of Zack Snyder, who took the stage at the end of Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures’ joint panel to announce that Superman and Batman would soon share the big screen.

Snyder first confirmed he would be helming a sequel to Man of Steel.

“I’ve pored through the DC universe to look for a way to tell this thing,” he said, before inviting Harry Lennix (one of Man of Steel’s stars) to recite quotes from Frank Miller’s comics The Dark Knight Returns.

Here’s the key piece, from Batman to Superman: “In all the years to come, in all the most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

And then, the Superman logo appeared on the screen, with the Bat signal appearing around it.

The audience, at this point, went insane.

David S. Goyer will script the untitled sequel (the writer has floated both Superman vs. Batman and Batman vs. Superman as titles).

It will hit cinemas in 2015.

Warner Bros and DC Comics might finally have some artillery to battle Disney and Marvel’s Avengers sequel.

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