Spike Lee wants you to fund his “funny, sexy, bloody” film on Kickstarter


Spike Lee – taking a leaf out of Zach Braff’s book, of all people – has taken to Kickstarter as a means of funding his next feature film.

The untitled project is described as being “funny, sexy, and bloody,” and is budgeted at $1.25 million.

With three days down, he’s raised more than $100,000.

Steven Soderbergh himself was responsible for $10,000 of that total. For his troubles, he has received courtside Knicks tickets.

It will be interesting to see if Lee – by far the biggest name director to use the Kickstarter platform – can reach his goal, just as Braff’s Wish I Was Here and the Veronica Mars movie did with ease.

Lee is keeping details of his movie under tight wraps, which may keep away high-end donors.

Say what you will about those other, more successful projects: they gave a clear indication of what exactly people would be paying for.

More as it develops.

One Response to “Spike Lee wants you to fund his “funny, sexy, bloody” film on Kickstarter”

  1. I don’t see why he needs to resort to Kickstarter. Maybe it’s just easier to deal with? It should really only be used by people who couldn’t otherwise get funding. I’m sure if Lee really wanted to, he could find $1.25 million in more traditional ways.

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