John Williams confirmed to score Star Wars: Episode VII


An essential component of the Star Wars franchise’s success will indeed return for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming instalment of the series.

John Williams is officially confirmed to score Star Wars: Episode VII, ending speculation that Abrams would hire his regular collaborator and composer Michael Giacchino instead.

The news was first broken by producer and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy at Star Wars Celebration Europe over the weekend.

An official press release followed, along with a brief video interview with the 81-year-old music legend.

In it, he revealed that he has not yet seen the script or been clued into the story that’s been crafted by screenwriters Michael Arndt, Lawrence Kasdan, and Simon Kinberg.

Kennedy originally announced that Williams would also work on Episodes VIII and IX, but that has been removed from the press release, likely due to Williams turning 87 at the time of the last film’s release. The man might want to retire at some point.

Star Wars: Episode VII hits cinemas in 2015.

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