Will Warner Bros pay Christian Bale $60 million to reprise the role of Batman?


Christian Bale has been offered $60 million to reprise the role of Batman, if The Sun is to be believed, which it rarely is.

Though the source is far from reputable, Badass Digest gives the rumour some credence by suggesting Warner Bros is indeed willing to bring Bale back one more time.

With Batman vs. Superman on the horizon, and Man of Steel not being the billion dollar grosser they had hoped, the studio would surely like the insurance of securing their Dark Knight star for the epic superhero flick.

But as likely as it seems WB would be willing to drop that much money on Bale’s doorstep, it’s equally likely that Bale wouldn’t want to don the cowl again; certainly not without Christopher Nolan at the helm.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who the studio had been courting prior to the announcement of Batman vs. Superman, is a little too young for the grizzled Batman wanted for this new feature.

That means Henry Cavill’s Superman will most certainly be facing off against a newcomer in the black suit.

Unless, of course, $60 million is revealed to be Bale’s magic number.

Batman vs. Superman – directed by Zack Snyder – hits cinemas in 2015.

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