New Batman, Ben Affleck, drops the directing; Scott Cooper takes The Stand


With Ben Affleck now busy bulking up to play Batman, a new director is required to helm his long-gestating adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand.

Deadline reports Warner Bros has set Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) to direct the epic post-apocalyptic tale.

This would have been a difficult decision for WB; removing the Oscar-winning director of Argo from the project, and replacing him with a lesser known – but still talented – entity.

He is also no longer attached to WB’s remake of the French thriller Tell No One.

Goes to show how much faith they have in him as their new Bruce Wayne (and, perhaps, how badly they want him to direct the inevitable Justice League movie).

According to The Wrap, Affleck is so committed to the his new acting role, his other directorial efforts have been delayed indefinitely.

See him as Bats in the still untitled Man of Steel sequel, mid-2015.


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