The 10 most exciting spring films

Top 10 Spring 2013
By Simon Miraudo
September 11, 2013

Winter’s gone, and with it the blockbuster season. We bid a fond adieu to the barrage of comic book adaptations, sequels, and debates about the destruction in Man of Steel and say bonjour to some more interesting fare. Yes, spring has sprung, and beside the blooming flowers come thoughtful dramas, complex thrillers, and an Alan Partridge action comedy titled Alpha Papa. Huzzah! We also start to see the big 2014 Oscar contenders emerge over these months. So, if you’ve been disappointed by 2013’s cinematic output so far, or, conversely, felt that every week delivered a new treat, bigger and better than the last, I have good news for you: the best is yet to come. Here are the ten most exciting films hitting Australian cinemas in September, October, and November.

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  1. Hello Simon, the link does not work … Can you please check and re-link as interested in reading this … Thanks

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