Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul actually happening


Though Breaking Bad is a few weeks away from being over forever (forever!), AMC and Sony Pictures Television have a plan to keep the flame alive for just that little bit longer.

Following months and months of speculation, they have announced honest-to-goodness intentions to make a spin-off TV series concerning skeezy lawyer Saul Goodman, titled Better Call Saul.

According to Deadline, the spin-off will be set prior to the events of Breaking Bad, meaning Goodman won’t necessarily be spared from a grisly fate just because he now has his own TV show.

It’s not entirely guaranteed yet, as deals with star Bob Odenkirk, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, and the eventual show-runner Peter Gould (a writer on the show, who created Goodman in a Season 2 episode) are not yet finalised.

But it’s very likely this thing will eventually hit our screens.

Netflix were reportedly waiting in the wings to pick up the project, should AMC have passed.

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