Niki Lauda asks Rush’s Daniel Brühl: ‘Do you really think I was such an a**hole?”

Bruhl / Lauda

Daniel Brühl has the difficult task of making notoriously brusque F1 racer Niki Lauda seem sympathetic in Ron Howard’s new movie, Rush.

The Austrian Lauda had an incendiary rivalry with the hard-living Brit James Hunt, played by Chris Hemsworth in the picture.

We caught up with Brühl ahead of the film’s release to ask how he worked to make a self-described “assh***” feel relatable.

“I tried to intrinsically make him more transparent; fragile even. Sensitive and likable, like a slow crescendo through the movie, so at the very end of the movie you would have empathy with him, although he starts off being a cold and determined d***head.”

The 64-year-old Lauda’s not so cold that he wasn’t a little hurt by Brühl’s portrayal, however.

“After watching the movie, Niki came to me the other day – it was so sweet – and said, ‘Do you really think I was such an a**hole, Daniel?’

“I said to Niki, ‘You kind of were and you still are, but you’re still likable.'”

Listen to the entire interview here.

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Rush arrives in Australian cinemas October 3. It’s now showing in New Zealand.

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